SCMapDB Resources

The Bigger One

The ultimate Sven Co-op map pack (a successor to The Big One). It includes every map uploaded to SCMapDB. More than that, it fixes tons of problems present in the individual map archives.

Download (updated weekly, usually):
SCMapDB_2021_02_28.7z (8.0 GB)

Warning: This map pack is WIP and I haven't announced that it exists yet because SCMapDB has lots of conflicting files. Some maps won't work properly until all conflicts are resolved.

Repack Tool

A script on this server downloads and repacks every map on SCMapDB to fix various problems, such as: The bulk of the work is done by resguy. The script runs every hour to check for updates.

Repack results

A filterable/searchable list of all maps that were repacked by the tool, each with a detailed view of changes.

IMPORTANT: maps with scripts in them may be repacked incorrectly. It's sometimes impossible to know which files a script precaches, so the repacker likely deletes more than it should. For maps with scripts, the Big One Map pack will include all "unused" files in case some of them are actually required.

Content pool

A filterable/searchable list of every file that custom maps include. Files in this pool are used to recover missing files in map archives.

Each file entry lists the map(s) that reference it. Files highlighted in red are conflicted and require a manual repack to fix.